Cast Iron is a podcast all about rock and metal. Join Lewis (the English one) and Alan (the Irish one) on a musical journey through rock and metal albums old and new, as they disagree with each other on whether the albums are actually any good.

Our intro and outro music was provided by Daniel Williamson. We are proudly hosted by Split Screen.

Lewis Clark

Lead writer and webmaster of SEGADriven. I live in London, England. You can find me on Twitter.

Desert Island Discs:

  • HIM – Razorblade Romance
  • Dir En Grey – Uroboros
  • Turbonegro – Apocalypse Dudes

Can you play any instruments? I play bass and throat.

Alan Williamson

I’m a lapsed freelance journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Five out of Ten Magazine. I live in Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains with my wife and Spyro the greyhound, but I’m originally from Northern Ireland. You can find my writing at Split Screen.

Desert Island Discs:

  • In Flames – The Jester Race
  • Dream Theater – Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
  • Mastodon – Crack the Skye

Can you play any instruments? Alto saxophone! I have an electric guitar that serves a largely decorative purpose.