January 29, 2024

Hello skillets,

Cast Iron is now on YouTube, for real this time! Most episodes from the archives are now available for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately, some episodes are unavailable due to copyright claims from the music publishers: some are blocked completely, others partially blocked depending on where you live.

As we only play short clips of songs, we do so only to contextualise the songs we are critiquing, and we don’t monetise the podcast in any way, we believe these podcasts are a ‘fair use’ exemption to copyright infringement. However, in order to contest a fair use claim on YouTube, you have to do it song by song. It would be extremely time-consuming to do this for the offending episodes — Dio, Metallica of course, among others — and so these episodes may not be available in your country. This will not be fixed unless YouTube enable a ‘fair use’ flag for the whole channel.

We see YouTube as an added bonus, not the main event. You can always listen to new episodes in your podcast player of choice, which now includes Spotify and Google in addition to Apple Podcasts. (Why are Google podcasts and YouTube separate entities? I don’t know.) You can also download episodes from our website.