Lewis Guests on Free With This Month’s Issue

September 23, 2022

Hello skillets! Lewis again with a quick update to let you know I’ve guested on another music podcast. This time it’s Free With This Month’s Issue which is a fantastic little show where the hosts review the free cover-mounted CDs that came with music magazines.

I got to choose the CD for the episode and I zoned in on Kerrang! High Voltage from June 2006 because I love a good covers record. I actually make a habit of buying any heavy music magazine that comes with a covers record because it’s so much fun listen to modern artists reinterpret their influences.

If this sounds interesting at all then please click here to listen to the episode direct on the Free With This Month’s Issue website. You can also follow Free With This Month’s Issue on Twitter and Instagram to keep track of their episodes. It’s a great podcast that I can’t recommend enough!

Anyway, hope you’re all keeping well and we have a new episode of Cast Iron going live very soon so stay tuned for that! Peace!