Welcome to the new Cast Iron

October 1, 2020

Hello listeners!

We started Cast Iron on a whim back in 2015, and while that serendipity built the momentum that kept us going for the past five years, it also created a lot of technical debt. Our old website was a barely-functioning Tumblr and the RSS episode delivery system is a total mess that Alan manually updates every time.

It vaguely worked back in the day but recently we’ve had a whole heap of problems: feed validation errors, broken permanent links that Tumblr didn’t want us to find, and laborious and delicate updates every time Apple updated the feed specification.

With SSL soon to become a podcasting requirement, we were running out of time on the old setup. But worst of all, the old site just had no love!

Cast Iron deserves a beautiful new home and we’re delighted to launch it today. New listeners: enjoy the archives. Old listeners: we recorded a new episode last week which will be with you shortly, and with this new site – plus some work behind-the-scenes – we’re ready for the future and far more frequent episodes.

Here’s to the next five years!


Alan and Lewis