Lewis Talks Wrestling Music on RA Relived | Guest Appearance

May 19, 2022

Hello Skillets! Lewis here with a quick announcement that I’ve guested on my good pal L.T. Fletcher’s podcast Ruthless Aggression Relived for its inaugural bonus episode! This is accessible via the RA Relived Patreon and unlocked at the £4 tier. In this episode me and L.T. talk about the 2002 compilation WWF Forceable Entry which features appearances from nu metal luminaries like Drowning Pool, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust and Disturbed. If you’re interested you can hear a clip of the episode by clicking this link.

Sound good? Then head over to the Ruthless Aggression Relived Patreon and pledge £4 for access. If you just want to hear this episode and not commit to funding a podcast indefinitely then you can duck out at any point by managing your memberships.