New Music From Lewis’s Band ‘Cranstøn’

July 11, 2022

Hello Skillets! Lewis here again to let you know that while you’re waiting for the final edit of our latest episode which we recorded yesterday, my band Cranstøn have new music out that may tickle your fancy. My latest release is a covers EP imaginatively called ‘Covers’ which features hardcore punk versions of Devo’s Gates of Steel, Placebo’s Every You Every Me and the Homestar Runner classic Trogdor among others. It’s out now as a pay-what-you-want digital release and any profits made will go directly to the wonderful Brigid Alliance who are helping some of America’s most vulnerable women get the financial support they need to get an abortion.

Head on over to the Cranstøn bandcamp page now to download the new Covers EP and if you have some spare change you wouldn’t mind going to a good cause then please consider paying for this release. I hope you enjoy the release!